Munash Organics Plant Soil Food 400g

Munash Organics Plant Soil Food 400g

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Munash Organics have carefully crafted a natural mineral soil food made especially for indoor plants.The minerals gently nourish the soil, which in turn feeds the plants with 67 life giving minerals to five new life to your indoor plants and help them thrive.

To make indoor plants happy – you need to give the soil nutrition.The soil acts like our gut and processes all the food for the plants.

Thenatural rock minerals are derived from the pristine volcanic deposits in Central Victoria.

Munash organics soil food is a slow release formula which means it feeds little and often, keeping your plants happy and fed regularly. Won't wash out when you water.


100% Safe

100% Natural 

Organic Imput 


Munash Organics is a family owned and operated business located in Ballarat, Victoria