Bubble-ology - Soapy Science
Bubble-ology - Soapy Science

Bubble-ology - Soapy Science

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A smidge of soap, a splash of science, and a generous sprinkling of fun and you have Bubble-ology - Soapy Science, an engaging, interactive STEAM activity set for kids. 

Developed with Dr Niraj Lal (PHD), Bubble-ology enables junior scientists tobuild their very own bubble toolbox while they discover the science and art of making bubbles.  Kids can discover fascinating bubble facts and conduct fun experiments; create three different types of bubble mix; build DIY bubble wands, produce a bubble so big you can fit inside it, and more.

-    Activity Set helps kids discover the science and art of making bubbles
-    STEAM toys promote cognitive development, teach problem solving, encourage open-ended play and trial and error exploration
-    Unplugged, battery and screen-free play
-    Each set includes a full colour, 50 page Bubble-ology guide book, 1x magic bubble fizzer, 1x bubble mixture container, 5x pipe cleaners, 1x cotton string, 12x straws, 1x rubber band, 1x HB pencil, and 1x Glycerine (Glycerol) 
-    All packaged neatly in sturdy, magnetic-sealed storage box (13cm x 21cm) 
-    Great for gifting
-    Suitable for children ages 8+