Book - Roasting pan Suppers

Book - Roasting pan Suppers

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Author: Rosie Sykes 

Description: Take a handful of fresh ingredients, spend five minutes or so preparing them, slam them in the oven, and get on with something else meanwhile. In hardly more time than it takes to cook a ready meal, you can have a home-cooked, nutritious feast. The recipes, which cover main courses, sides, desserts, and cakes, include ginger and turmeric chicken with potato and chickpea curry; oven-cooked rice with crab, peas, and lemon; lamb fillet with mojo verde and rice; mushrooms stuffed with pearl barley, spinach, and Parmesan; tomatoes and peppers baked with eggs; and lasagne of peas, greens, and ricotta. There are vegan and vegetarian meals and tips on how to make other recipes meat-free. Also included is a guide to creating your own original roasting-tray meals. Publisher: Pavillion


Dimensions: 23.5 and 19 cm

Publish Date: 1/05/2020

Page Count: 160